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Presenting "DISTANCING EFFECT", a solo show at Edge Zones Art Space in Miami. Opening Reception Sunday, May 5  1-5 PM. 


The exhibit will remain on view through June 02, 2024.​  Open by appt. throughout May.


The title "Distancing Effect" comes from German playwright Berthold Brecht's tactic of defamiliarization in art, that sought to disrupt the audience's need for identifying with the subject and so forcing a direct engagement with the ideas present.


This exhibition presents a collection of works that expands on my themes of “posthumanist romanticism” that began with landscapes in 2016.


In these paintings, broken forms are rendered in a manner influenced by the 19th Century Romantics, echoing the pre- occupations of that era’s artists, confronted with massive technological upheaval and the desecration of the natural world as a consequence of the Industrial Revolution.


The new revolution is technological and happening at exponential speeds. In exploring the unsettling results   produced by artificial intelligence, I’m intrigued by the uncanny quality of what's peering back at us through the looking glass. How much is us and how much is other? Are we becoming something new the more we inhabit the digital world?


Besides my series of "inhuman portraits", I’ve mined the iconic reference of “The Birth of Venus”, a historical paragon of Western feminine beauty, put through a (by now) primitive AI program that interprets harmonious shapes as strange new forms yet carries over cultural baggage from the source material.


In recasting the results in oil paint, I complete a circuit where the end result is a hand-made object, a one-of-a-kind physical representation of a collaboration with a machine.   The latest pieces are not AI-inspired, but present virtual reality goggles as a metaphor for the selective blindness we are submitting to by ever more insistent narratives stoked by the darker angels of our nature.


Sociobiologist E.O. Wilson calls humanity an evolutionary chimera, picking up things from every age without fully transitioning out of any one era, characterized by “Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and godlike technology.” The chimeras in my paintings are a reflection of this predicament of ours.

Edge Zones Art Space  is located at 3317 NW 7th Ave Cir, Miami, FL 33127.

Edge Zones is an artist and volunteer – run contemporary arts non-profit dedicated to the research, conceptualization and execution of events that strengthen the contemporary art environment in Miami.

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